Winter Clothing Guide

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Having shot in Iceland twice, and some pretty cold winter months here in Ireland I have realised how essential dressing correctly for a winter photoshoot is. In fact both couples didn’t heed my advise in Iceland and were too cold to shoot in parts so we missed out. It’s a long way to travel to miss any part of your adventure! I’m going to say being well prepared with your clothing is the most important thing you can do for your shoot. In this guide I’m going to help you look amazing and to stay warm at the same time!


Right off I’m going to start of with some clothing I really hate when shooting. They are not flattering and will not look good in your photos.
  1. Anything with a hood. I really dislike clothing with hoods as the hood often sticks out and can become really distracting.
  2. Waterproof or puffy, sporty looking coats. These kind of coats are really practical and handy for cold weather but you run the risk of looking like you are wearing a bin bag in your shots. They serve a purpose and I wear them myself if the weather dictates but they really are not flattering clothing.
  3. Anything with big logos or lots of writing as lots of text can get distracting in shots.
So what do I recommend to stay warm without looking like eskimos?
  1. Plenty of layers. I’d say thermals are a must. If you layer up you can wear your nicer clothing on top without having to worry about being too cold.
  2. Hats, scarves and gloves are  going to be essential on really cold days.
  3. There are some great options for coats for example fur coats,  denim jackets, wool coats, or bomber jackets etc.
  4. Boots are a great idea, or even walking boots if it will be muddy or we will be hiking around our location.
  5. I’d also recommend bringing hand warmers incase you start to really feel the cold.
I also advise being over prepared with some extra items of clothing just in case. I hope that helps you be prepared for your winter adventure session!
just-us-276-1-1-1700x1134 Winter Clothing Guide just-us-276-1-1-1700x1134 Winter Clothing Guide just-us-276-1-1-1700x1134 Winter Clothing Guide