The thing about life is it never stays still. One minute your kids are beginning to crawl, the next they are starting school and the tiny sleepy cuddles holding them in your arms are gone.

The photo above is of my Nana and Grandad. I did this small shoot in their back yard. Little did I know this would be the last photo I’d ever take of them together as my Grandad sadly passed away the same year.

This photo in particular has become so precious to me and my family remembering my Grandad and the fond memories we have with him. It brings me great joy that my Nana has this photo hanging in her home to remind her of their time together. This is such a special gift that I got to give her.

The thing is, when one season of life is over, another comes with its buds of spring and with it brings new warmth and life. But we never want to forget the tiny feet or how it felt to be with a loved one. I hope I can bring you this precious gift too and stir memories of love and family.


t-3-1700x1134 Why are family photos so important?

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