Avoid Pictures and slogans

This one might not be popular with your superhero-mad children, but clothes with pictures and slogans on will date your photos much more quickly. It’s usually best to avoid them completely. Busy textures too can be off putting

Dress for your environment

This is probably most obvious but you want to dress for the weather and environment you are in. The last thing we want is cold miserable children. Sturdy shoes and temperature appropriate clothing is a must. If you plan on splashing through puddles wellies are a great idea too.

hughes-36-1700x1133 What to wear for your family shoot

Choose your colours

Typically I like to avoid bright colours for shoots as it can make one person stand out too much over the others. I like neutral colours and pastels. They usually look great for out door shoots. I wouldn’t dress to specifically match each other say with all the same colour t-shirt as it can look a bit artificial and not give the natural look that I love in my photos.

Don’t wear hoods

Hoods are really practical but a bit of an eye saw in photographs. They can stick out and block peoples faces and just look ugly when they are out of place or blown about by the wind.