Choosing the right time for your shoot

Photographers love low dreamy sunlight and dark moody skies as they make your photographs look extra beautiful; but how many parents want to get up at 6am for the sunrise or have tired grumpy kids at the 10pm sunset? Dinner times and nap times are to be avoided too! The best time to arrange your family session would be as close to sunrise or sunset as possible with your kids well fed and full of energy. Early to mid morning, late afternoons or early evenings work best depending on bed times.

Come with the right attitude

We want our kids to have the best experiences in life and we often set the mood for the day. If we don’t want to be there or are our selves grumpy we will set the tone of the day. Instead if you prepare yourself to have the best time and give your kids expectations of fun and enjoyment they will be ready for fun and play! This will bring smiles and giggles and a joy filled experience which will definitely be reflected in your photos.

Bring snacks

Snacks are always a great way to make grumpy kids liven up. Food can bring kids (and adults) more energy and a renewed spirit!


Kids don’t sit still and pose so I don’t make them do that often in my sessions. So don’t worry about keeping them on their ‘best behaviour’. Just relax and let them run around and be themselves. These are the best kind of shots!

Don’t forget to have fun!

You aren’t here to pose and sit in white t-shirts and blue Jeans, so bring plenty of snuggles, energy and laughter. You could even bring a football or frisbee etc. Just be yourself and the images will represent you perfectly!