It’s natural

Have you ever wondered what to do one day and though “I know, let’s take the family to a room with a white background and sit there for a while and pull some poses?” Of course not! It’s not a normal thing to do, nor does it represent your family. You want space to be yourselves and have fun; not to be cooped up indoors wondering what you are doing.

The kids will love it

Kids love outdoor adventures! They can be theme selves and use all their energy to run and play. Sessions are about fun with the family not posing. Children will often forget about the camera yielding super fun happy moments!

Genuine memories made

You will have memories of being in a studio, but will they be amazing and joyful or memories of an awkward time having to say cheese a lot? Family trips are exciting and can create some amazing memories that will last. Some of my favourite family days have been outdoor adventures.

You will feel more relaxed

Often sessions will be in places you’ve taken your kids too before. Being a familiar place will make you more relaxed, making your photos more natural. Having the peace of mind to let your kids be themselves will make for a light hearted atmosphere.


For me the variety of backgrounds outdoors is far nicer than a boring white or grey back drop. Big trees, beautiful coastlines, beaches, green fields and mountains make Northern Ireland something special. It’s why I believe it’s the most beautiful country to photograph in and it makes for stunning shots!